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Musical Instrument Repairs 

Brass - Woodwind - Electronic


I would like to introduce my services to all players of

Brass, Woodwind and Electronic

instruments and also any organizations who have connections with musicians. I am able to offer a complete personal repair service for all brass, woodwind and electronic instruments at very reasonable rates.

I also repair and maintain Organs, Keyboards, Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects units, Mixers, Lighting rigs and many other electronic items. For larger instruments/installations a site visit can be arranged.

Based in Carterton nr Witney, West Oxon a collection and delivery service may be available if required, and depending upon the severity of the damage to the instrument, an emergency overnight repair service may be possible.  


I am a professional member of the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers and uphold their aims and values Insure your Instrument here...

 Musicguard - insuring the UK's musicians

For all your sheet music requirements  and more....

crumpledhorn Musical Instrument Repairs Workshop For bands or schools who have a storeroom with many old or seemingly unserviceable instruments, I can also come to your premises and make an assessment for you. Alternatively, I will clear your stock and return to you an agreed number of instruments at no cost to you. Buy a Keyboard or Guitar?


Insure your instrument here.....

 Musicguard - insuring the UK's musicians

 Take a look here for information on :-

Brass Instrument Care and Woodwind Instrument Care.

I occasionally have  Instruments for sale -  call me for your specific requirements.  

Please do not hesitate to call me, Andy Kinch, for further details.



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Contact :-                  (07903) 467182

You can Email me at with any queries or comments.


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OX18 3ET

07903 467182

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